“4 steps to MASTERING Keto & Intermittent fasting”
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The 3 secrets to longterm keto results!
Secret #1:
understanding how to flex in & out of keto

While everyone wants to focus on staying in ketosis longterm, there's many benefits to strategically having high HEALTHY carb days.
Secret #2:
difference between
dirty keto vs clean keto!
The false notion that all fats are created equal is holding you back with your keto results!
Secret #3:
the role intermittent fasting plays with ketosis 
None of these things can stop you, in fact, they will all show up in incredible ways when you do this work!
ben azadi Changed My Life!
"Before I discovered Ben I was eating tons of fruit every day, thinking I was being healthy. Frustrated with the belly fat I had for years, I tried many diets which only gave me short term results. I always ended up gaining the weight back. Since I discovered Ben almost 2 years ago, I have been able to lose over 30 pounds of fat, and get to my goal body weight. I fit in a dress I haven't worn in over 20 years! I follow everything Ben says because it always gets me results. 
- Liliana Popkin
“When I started learning from Ben, I was 270 lbs. After implementing Ben's Keto Flexing technique, I am currently at 208 lbs! I no longer need to rely on my sleep apnea machine at night. I feel SIGNIFICANTLY better because of the great Ben Azadi. The greatest thing about Ben is that he genuinely cares about you, and there's great value in that. Thank you Ben.

- Sander Sobera
Here's what you can expect to learn:
  • ​   How to get un-stuck from a yo-yo keto results
  • ​   How to overcome the reasons underlying many weakened immune systems
  • ​   To finally understand why you struggle and what you can do about it 
  • ​   How to implement intermittent fasting for accelerated keto results
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a keto approach That Actually Works 
Ben Azadi, FDN-P, founder of Keto Kamp, has been approaching keto differently since the days of his own struggles. As a former obese man, Ben has been through the patterns of yo-yo dieting results. Through his research and books, he has been bringing this different approach to keto which has helped 112 of his personal clients have a combined weight loss of 2,240 pounds! This is the first time his mastering ketosis protocol has even been available to the public. ANYONE who is sick and tired of being sick and tired will get REAL change from the comfort of their own home.
It's Not About Losing Weight To Get Healthy ...
Many doctors, dietitians and nutritionists treat symptoms. It doesn't work longterm. Cutting calories and exercising more fails 99.99% of the time.

What you will learn isn't a 'diet.' It is a unique way to mimic our ancestors. It's based on cutting edge research that shows perfect health is when we can get in and out of ketosis, vary our diet, and implement fasting.  

The truth is that all diets work, just not longterm. Most programs fail because they attempt to help you to lose weight in order to get healthy. They have it completely backward. We get healthy to lose weight. Nobody has a weight problem, they have a hormone and metabolism problem; a symptom is weight gain. When we mimic our ancestral patterns, and start using fat as our primary fuel source, our hormones and metabolism become healthier; a side effect is weight loss.   

So if you, or someone else you know, needs to make a change, let us ignite you! 
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